Friday, May 22, 2009

It Finally Clicked!

I have never fully understood the whole Jesus being man vs. Jesus being God thing.  But I was reading a book this last week and it finally clicked!  The book was talking about how Christ didn't study in the temple.  He went out in nature to commune with His Father.  He spent years and years perfecting His relationship with God until it was totally natural and - I finally got it.  Paul performed miracles, so did Elijah, Elisha and others in the Bible.  I have often longed to understand how they were so close to God when I feel so far away.  But that is another topic altogether.  I finally realized that Jesus truly didn't attain something we can not (other than the being without sin part).  If we diligently strive to walk closer and closer with God and spend quality time with Him we have the potential to perform miracles as well (through God of course).  It also made total sense to me how Satan so easily twists that for so many - indeed even for Eve in the garden.  Enticing us to believe that we can be gods as well.  We can not become gods yet we can be vessels for THE GOD to dwell in and He can work THROUGH us DESPITE our imperfections.  I don't believe I expressed this thought very well.  At least it clicked for me!!

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